How to level fast in Diablo 3 seasons

Every 3 months there is a new Diablo3 season where players are rewarded for completing 4 chapters. This guide is about getting your pet and portrait as fast as possible in every new Diablo 3 Season. How to level solo fast and effective and get your rewards within 10 hours of playtime.


Selecting adventure mode over campaign mode is an officious choice. Make sure you select hard mode over everything else.

You will start the season by playing rifts. You will keep playing normal rifts until you reach level 20-22. This is when you start doing one full Bounty run. Pick the one with the exclamation mark for the extra bonus cache.

You will be rewarded with a Horadric Cache that will guarantee include the Cain’s Fate Set. This set requires a character level of 23 and will give you 50% increased experience bonus while equipping 3 items from it. After crafting and equipping 3 pieces of the set you will continually doing normal rifts until you reach level 70.


After acquiring your first few Greater Rift Stones, you will start playing some greater rifts. You need a few good legendary gems that helps boosting your DPS.

When your damage and toughness reach a certain threshold, its time to to switch from hard mode to torment 1 or 2, depending on your character, build and legendary gear. (300.000 – 600.000 DPS and around 5 million toughness )

After switching to torment, it’s time to do 5 acts of bounties. Make sure you do all the exclamation marks in the right order, so you will be rewarded with all the bonus caches. This part is not required to get your season rewards, but it will get you the crafting material to extract powers from legendary items. It makes your character more fun to play with and certainly makes greater rift level 20 a lot easier.

Completing greater rift level 20 is often the last thing you need to do to complete all 4 chapters and to claim your rewards.

Gear & Loot

There are 2 things to focus on if you want to level fast and effective. DPS (damage per second) and movement speed. Always prioritize these aspects over everything in all your gear and skills.

Most of the DPS comes from your weapon. Two handed weapons are often the best choice to pick. Two handed weapons have a lot bigger flat damage number and are beneficial for cool-down and damage over time skills. A slower attack speed also helps you not getting out of manna all the time. Use your blacksmith for crafting 2-handed weapons every time you level 5 levels.

For weapons start with ruby’s and when your crit chance is over 20% switch to emerald. Use a ruby in your helmet until you get level 70, this will increased your experience gain.

Personally I would only buy mysterious bracers until you get the Warzechian Armguards or the Nemesis bracers. The Warzechian Armguards has an insane movementspeed bonus and the Nemesis Bracers just help you fly true Rifts. Dont buy gear at Kadala before you reach level 70!


The easiest way to get enough power for greater rift 20 is to use the set items. After completing chapter 2 and 3, you will be rewarded with Haedrig’s Gift. These include 2 set items per gift. Set items are extremely powerfull and can be a buzz kill in some situations. They are however a very good boost for your clear speed.

Hopefully this guide will help you and your friends to get a smoother and faster Diablo 3 season experience. Goodluck!



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